Site Credits

Coalition Technologies custom built this website for Jess Lea Wholesale. Coalition Technologies is a Shopify design and development company that has offices in Los Angeles and Seattle. Launched in March 2023, this website has the following features:

  • Development of a Shopify shopping cart.
  • Responsive design: a technique to make websites compatible with mobile devices.
  • SEO-friendly blog integrated.
  • Development of a variant bulk-buy table on the product page.
  • Implementation of a pre-order items reminder on the cart page.
  • Development of minimum and maximum order quantities.
  • Integration of Helium customer fields app.
  • Implementation of the Now In Stock app.
Coalition Technologies is a certified Shopify partner that specializes in website setup, design, and development for ecommerce. Our team of 200+ SEO experts in design, development, and online marketing can help you create a Shopify website that generates more traffic and conversions.