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Retailer Requirements:

To Schedule a Live Takeover we do require a $50 Deposit that will be applied to your final order. 

*$500 minimum order on lives during business hours (10am-4pm CST)
*$1,000 minimum order on lives during the evening(6pm-8pm CST)

*Select 15-25 styles from Apparel, Accessories & Jess Lea Beauty. Over 500 Styles to choose from. We recommend a mix of accessories & apparel.

*Create a product selection on commentsold for your live and put the styles in order then name the live how you typically do.

*Create us a Commentsold login or give us your login.

*Pre-Live "Hype" required - posting on your page/site/app notifications multiple times in the week leading up to the event and on the day of.

*Offer an incentive for your customers to watch the live(valued at at least $100)! It can be a Giveaway, gift card, free gift, shopping credit, credit back or freebies!

*Communicate to us what incentive & if you offer any pay later options.

*Send a text or app notification when we go live!

*Must have a member of your team watching live for any support while live is active.

*Submit order within 48 hours.

*Order must be direct (no 3rd parties like Faire that take commissions)

Jess Lea Commitments:

Select Product & Quantities on Jess Lea Wholesale website. Over 500 Styles to choose from.

NO MINIMUMS- everything can be ordered in single units/no packs required!

Professional & Enthusiastic Presentation.

Will ship orders within 2-3 business days of receiving the order.

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